Our Vision and Values

Ngā Mātāpono o Tara mai a nuku Whakapuāwai

All people in Ōtara are thriving

We uphold and support the vision and commitment statements of Thriving Otara by working together to see what we can do differently now to better improve our services to Maori, Pasifika and all our communities where they live, learn, work and play.

Te Kawenata o Tara mai a nuku Whakapuāwai:

  • We do things differently and act now
  • We celebrate Maori, Pasifika and all our community successes, as we see them and in our own way
  • We are transparent, reliable, accountable and walk the talk
  • We stay connected with each other to ensure the continuity and sustainability of this mahi/ work
  • We commit to upholding the spirit and integrity of this kawanata/charter to help Otara Thrive

The rest of this section of the website describes our purposes, our history and our key documents.

Our Purpose

What can we do to be thriving? We believe that a key factor is national, regional and local organisations and government agencies listening to and working with us as the residents about what we think – we’re the experts about living in Otara. So our constitutional purposes are:

promoting community-led decision-making in Otara

sharing information about issues that affect Otara residents

encouraging participation by Otara residents in decisions affecting their community

developing leadership capability amongst residents of Otara

liaising with stakeholders on behalf of Otara residents

facilitating collaboration within the Otara community

facilitating engagement between the Otara residential community and other stakeholders

supporting non-residential stakeholders to be accountable for their roles in addressing the community priorities identified by Otara residents

identifying shared views among the residents of Otara and communication of them for the purpose of enhancing well-being of the community

If you support these purposes you might want to consider becoming a member of Thriving Otara.

Our History

A small collective of non-government organisations (NGOs) got together in 2015 to look at the well-being of Otara, their roles in contributing to it, and how to determine whether things were getting better – or not. There were called the Thriving Otara Collective (TOC), made up of Otara Health, Otara Network Action Committee (ONAC), Accelerating Aotearoa, The Root Entrepreneurs and Crosspower NZ.

As part of this work, they invited over 80 Otara stakeholders and residents to a hui in September 2016 to consider those issues as well.  Those attending agreed on the shared goal of “all people in Otara are thriving”. They described a thriving community as one where whanau are healthy, vibrant and successful, one that enjoys a strong family focus, values children and supports parents in their role.

TOC recognised that in order to create positive change, organisations needed to work more collaboratively together with residents (community) to find new and different ways to make things work better for all. Years of surveying and piloting programmes in Otara hadn’t achieved the desired impact – something needed to change.

So, they obtained funding to set up an organisation of residents and NGOs to “foster critical thinking, innovation and collaborative partnerships across business, government, not for profit sectors and our Otara community” and “encourage and enable new ways of ‘doing’ through community-based consulting. This serves to ensure diverse interests, perspectives and values are gathered to influence positive change that aligns with the purpose of ‘Thriving Otara’”.

For the next couple of years the emphasis was on resident engagement with NGOs, while also setting up infrastructure to support that (such as a Facebook page) and drafting a constitution to formalise the legal status of the organisation. A Committee of ten residents and five NGO representatives provided governance for the operations.

While the community hui were very popular, the Committee was coming to the conclusion that the governance arrangements needed to change so that residents were the only ones involved in decision-making. A constitution reflecting that was approved by the members at the establishment meeting on 4 November 2021.

Thriving Otara History

Significant Documents