What’s happening

Since one of the main purposes of TOI is to ensure that people living in Otara know what’s happening in Otara, this part of the website is dedicated to publicising information about local events. We’ll include whatever we know about but welcome contributions from others as well.

Information about becoming a member is in the next section, followed by information about the current members of the Committee.

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What’s new

This section includes events that have been added to the website in the past month and/or are occurring in the near future; if you have something to add please contact us.


From 2016 – 2019, TOI hosted several community hui every year which were very well-attended. Now that we seem to have moved beyond lockdowns, the Committee is re-establishing these hui in 2023. The first one will be on [TBA on 19th] at [TBA on 19th]. Because ‘thriving’ means different things to different people, the main agenda item will be a discussion by residents of what are the current priorities for changes you want in Otara; we’ll also share an update on what the Committee has been doing since 2019.

Two clips are posted to Youtube. One is from the launch and the other are from hui held from 2016-2019.

Governance workshop

One of the purposes of TOI is “encouraging participation by Otara residents in decisions affecting their community”.  There are many ways of doing this, but a critical one is to actually be one of the people making decisions for and about local organisations such as community groups and schools.  In order to support people who are already in these roles, or considering them, we are hosting a series of 2-hour workshops starting in February, on the topics of:

  • What is governance?
  • Components of good governance
  • Policy & Plans
  • Effective Hui
  • Employing Staff
  • Finances

A certificate of attendance will be available for those who attend five or more of the six sessions.

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If you know of a public event likely to be of interest to the residents please share it with us using the form below: